DashMat Carpet Dashboard Cover

DashMat Carpet Dashboard Cover
DashMat Carpet Dashboard Cover

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DashMat Carpet Dashboard Cover
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  • Caramel
  • Claret
  • Navy Blue
  • Grey
  • Smoke
  • Beige
  • Cinder
  • Black
  • Dash Blue
  • Mocha
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  • Exact Fit - Dashmat Carpet Dashboard Covers are custom made to fit the contour of your vehicle’s dashboard
  • Protect the Value – Helps protect your auto investment
  • Conquer – Beat the sun and heat from warping or cracking your dashboard
  • Conceal – Cover up unsightly existing damage
  • Safety First - Reduces hazardous windshield and dashboard glare
  • Ease of Use - Velcro strips are used to hold the dash cover firmly in-place
  • Durable - DashMat Carpet Dashboard Covers are made from a soft Foss Fiber carpet that won't fade, fray or unravel
  • Diverse – Available in a wide range of colors
  • Best-Selling – Since 1979, the Original Dashmat has been ranked #1
  • Eco-Friendly – Made from recycled plastic PET containers
  • Lifetime – Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Additional Option: Embroidery – If you would like to add custom embroidery to your Dashboard Cover, please call us at 1(844)428-2872 or Contact Us directly. Standard Embroidery fee applies ($30.00)


It is safe to say that The Original Dashmat Carpet Dash Board Cover has been available for nearly 40 years because it works. There are many reasons our customers are repeat buyers of the Dashmat. Some are for vehicle protection, some are related to safety reasons and others are simple nostalgia. There are just as many profound reasons that first time buyers are drawn to the dash cover for their vehicle.

“A realy great product. Nice workmanship, good service and excellent communication. This is from a repeat customer. I could not be more satisfied ! Five stars all the way Quality !” By Frank from Highland, Calif.

Whatever the reason you are buying The Original Dashmat Carpet Dash Board cover you are guaranteed a perfect and custom fit. Specially trained designers make patters directly off of the vehicles dash. They then hand sew a dashmat based off of their new patterns and return the vehicle they have designed for. If the pattern is off in any way they make the necessary changes and try again. Only after they have generated a perfect pattern do they submit them for production. These patterns are programmed into a very high-tech, computer operated, industrial assembly machine that produces the dash cover that was ordered.

“The color is beautiful and the dash mat fit like a glove. Really an outstanding piece of accessory that everyone should have.” By Eli from Copperas Cove, TX

“We have ordered dash mats for all of our vehicles, including our motor home, and not only love the look, but the fit, the price, the non-fade color, and the ease of installation.” By Betty from Killeen, TX

Protecting the value of your vehicle is more than waxing it once a year, washing it once a week and adding conditioners to the seats, tires and steering wheel. The dash board is in direct contact with the suns UV rays and heat and therefore needs the front line defense. Offering edge to edge protection, the Dashmat will not cover your vents, trays, or sensors so you still have full function of your vehicles operations. In most cases the speakers are covered to protect them from cracking and fading too! Don’t worry, the material will not distort the glorious melodies that keep you happy while you drive. The premium needle-punch carpet also reduces heat build-up in the hotter summer months which keeps your interior cooler.

“I was very pleased with my dashmat cover,my dodge ram dash was almost completely gone,put this on it and you can't tell theirs no dash under neath.(very pleased with it} And it fits very well....” By no nickname from jacksonville ar.

“I love the product it's a very inexpensive fix for covering up a damage dashboard and a great look. highly recommended.” By Marty from Jacksonville, Florida

Moreover, safely operating a vehicle is imperative for maintaining the future of humanity. We all have been the victims of obnoxiously bright glares blinding us while we drive. Instinct kicks in and we automatically close or squint our eyes to reduce the pain caused by the intense light. Obviously, driving with impaired vision is not conducive to arriving to your final destination in one piece. The Original Carpet DashMat greatly cuts down the brilliant glow that diminishes your chances of reaching your destination goal.

“This is a great product made from quality materials and sold at a great price. All this besides it does what it is designed for, protecting my dash and reducing glare.” By Gene from Sandia Park, NM

“I have been purchasing these for every vehicle that I have owned for the past 32 years. Counting my collectors cars thats over 25 vehicles. When I lived in California they were a must as the California sun tears up dashboards and vinyl tops. And as the vast majority of houses in California do not have basements and the lot sizes are to small to put a shed on all of the excess junk goes in the garage and the cars sit outside. Even if you can use the garage they are too small for a decent sized car so it still sits outside. Additionally there is not much in the way of shade trees that you can park under unless you are up in the Sierra's. Now that I have returned to the East coast all of my vehicles are garaged including my extended cab Silverado but I still use the Dashmat because besides protecting the dash from what little sun they do get they cut down on the glare reflecting off of the dash so you can see the road ahead much better.” By Satisfied for 32 years from Manassas, Virginia

Whatever your reason is for wanting a DashMat you will not be let down. Product your eyes, dash board and investment of your vehicle. Back by a limited lifetime warranty the DashMat will not fray or fade. Buy your Original Carpet DashMat from today!


  • Based on your monitor settings, colors viewed on this or any website may not appear as intended. If you're uncertain about a product's color, feel free to call us and we'll be happy to assist you with making a color choice, or we can send you color samples.
  • If you are unsure of a fitment question give us a call and we will be happy explain what certain features are.
  • All embroidered orders are Non-Returnable.

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