Dash Designs Buggie Bag

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Dash Designs Buggie Bag
Dash Designs Buggie Bag
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Dash Designs Buggie Bag
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Buggie Bag™ Covers

The Buggie Bag puts together high fashion, adaptability and function with these new durable covers. With our patented stretch design it allows our customers to modify and upgrade their vehicles and still have a cover that fits. There is a high quality elastic band sewn in the hem of the Buggie Bag that allows it to firmly grip the vehicle. Once on the vehicle, just pull the draw string to secure the cover.

The Buggie Bag is the answer to your short term dust cover needs in the off road and powersports industry. Whether it’s covering your vehicle at the dunes, events or golf courses, during the day or night the Buggie Bag is also perfect for storing your vehicles inside during the off season. This light weight high fashion technology gives you a washable easy to use product to cover and protect your vehicle.

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