Husky Floor Liners

Husky Floor Liners
Husky Floor Liners

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Nibs on underside of mat prevent shiftingFront center hump liner provides full coverage2nd row floor liner
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  • Grey
  • Black
  • Tan
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  • Husky Floor Liners are custom-molded to fit your vehicle
  • Made from a patented blend of rubberized thermo-plastic materials resulting in a floor liner that can hold up to anything your feet drag in
  • Husky Liners use exclusive "SPiN Sta-Put" spikes which grip the carpet to keep the liner in place (Husky Cargo Liners are not equipped with the spikes)
  • A deep rim design prevents mud, water or snow from sliding off the mat and onto your carpet
  • Cleaning your Husky Floor Liners is simple-pull 'em out, hose 'em off and let 'em dry
  • Husky Liners are available in Black, Tan and Grey
  • Your Husky Liners are covered by a Lifetime Warranty agains cracking and breaking


Add a imprenetrable barrier of protection to your vehicle's interior with a set of custom-molded Husky Floor Liners. Made from a patented rubberized material which is resistant to water, mud, snow, and most chemicals including gasoline, oil and battery acid.

Husky Floor Liners are equipped with a molded tread surface to keep your cargo in place. Plus, the deep rim design keeps all of the mud, water and snow you bring into your vehicle off your carpet. Husky Liners are custom-tailored for your vehicle and use Husky's "SPiN Sta-Put" carpet spikes underneath to keep them in place.

Husky Floor Liners are available for any row of seating, including the cargo area. Cleaning these liners is so simlple-just host them off and let them dry. Available in Black, Tan and Grey. Your Husky Liners are guaranteed for life against cracking and breaking.

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