Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

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Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

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Closed tonneau coverHalf-rolled tonneau coverCorners of tonneau coverStorage straps keep cover from unrolling

XT Dial Tension Control SystemHeavy-duty clamps keep tonneau cover in placeReflex latch releases tonneau coverSlide lock for additional locking protection

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  • The Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is custom-made for your vehicle
  • XT Tension Control lets you fine tune the cover tension in seconds with the turn of the X-Dial
  • The Roll-Up Tonneau Cover opens easily by releasing the reflex-latch and rolling the tonneau cover toward the back of the cab
  • Heavy-duty aluminum tubular bows easily handle heavy mountain snow loads on top of the roll-up cover
  • UV-protected vinyl fabric is flexible at 40 below and is stretch and shrink resistant
  • The Access Roll-Up Tonneua Cover closes easily with the hook-and-loop sealing system
  • Stores compactly and nealty behind the cab of your pickup truck with premium multi-function storage straps
  • Your Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is backed by a Lifetime Warranty


The Access Roll-up Tonneau Cover is a premium tonneau cover designed with today's truck owners in mind. This outstanding innovation in tonneau cover technology provides you with accessibility to the truck bed, while at the same time enhancing the sporty look of the truck itself. This product is time tested and will provide years of service in all four seasons.

The cover opens easily by releasing the auto-latch and rolling the cover towards the back of the cab, taking the roll-up bar and bows with it and is secured behind the cab with quick release straps.

To close, unbuckle the premium storage straps and unroll the cover towards the end gate until the AutoLatch automatically secures it into place. The patented design allows for the tightest cover on the road. Finally, seal the sides with the reliable velcro sealing system.

The Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is the most versatile truck accessory you'll ever own and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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