CalTrend Velour Seat Covers

CalTrend Velour Seat Covers
CalTrend Velour Seat Covers

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Available for all rowsSample of classic insertSample of monarch insertSample of premier insert

Available Colors (click for larger image)
  • Beige - Classic Insert
  • Charcoal - Premier Insert
  • Black - Premier Insert
  • Black - Classic Insert
  • Light Grey - Premier Insert
  • Charcoal - Classic Insert
  • Beige - Premier Insert
  • Sandstone - Monarch Insert
  • Sandstone - Classic Insert
  • Sandstone - Premier Insert
  • Beige - Monarch Insert
  • Red - Classic Insert
  • Blue - Premier Insert
  • Light Grey - Monarch Insert
  • Charcoal - Monarch Insert
  • Black - Monarch Insert
  • Red - Premier Insert
  • Blue - Classic Insert
  • Light Grey - Classic Insert
  • Red - Monarch Insert
  • Blue - Monarch Insert
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  • Price:$198.95 - $259.95
  • Shipping:FREE


  • Flexible stretch fit with a luxuriant shimmer, Oxford Velour material is the same high quality used for OEM seats
  • Beautiful and stylish addition to your vehicle’s interior
  • Precision patterns provide a snug fit
  • Quality craftsmanship provides reinforced seams and UV-ray fade resistance
  • Available for first, second and third row seats (depending on vehicle)
  • Easy to install-no tools required
  • Available in 7 colors: Black, Charcoal, Light Grey, Beige, Blue, Sandstone or Red
  • Choose from 3 different fabrics for the center panels: Premier, Monarch and Classic
  • Easy to clean-just wipe with a damp cloth
  • Made in the USA
  • CalTrend Velour Seat Covers are backed by a 5-year warranty


CalTrend Velour Seat Covers are a lavish enhancement to your vehicle’s interior. Stylishly protects your upholstery with soft, rich, premium velour. Plush velour creates a luxurious environment making your drive all the more enjoyable. Comfortable to sit on, easy to clean, take your style to the next level with Velour Seat Covers.

CalTrend Velour Seat Covers are custom-tailored for your specific vehicle. This exact fit allows full functionality of your seats in all rows. Available for first, second and third row seats. And best of all, the precision fit makes your seat covers easy to install without the need for tools.

Velour Seat Covers can give your interior a new, fresh appearance or provide the ultimate protection for your new vehicle upholstery. Hides stains, prevents wear and tear, or covers existing damage. Velour seat covers are easy to install with straps and cords and doesn’t require any tools. CalTrend Velour Seat Covers include a 5-year warranty.

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