Covercraft Multibond Car Cover

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Covercraft Multibond Car Cover
Covercraft Multibond Car Cover

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Covercraft Multibond Car CoverCovercraft Multibond Car Cover
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  • Sale Price:$107.27 - $192.00
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  • The Covercraft Multibond Car Cover is custom-tailored to fit your vehicle
  • Lightweight material is easy to use and less bulky for quick storage
  • The unique 3-layer polypropylene material is great for inddor storage and limited outdoor use at an economical price
  • The Multibond's fabric is soft & non-abrasive—will not scratch clean paint or clear-coat
  • Made breathable to allow moisture and condensation to evaporate
  • The bottom seam of the car cover is elasticized for a tight fit around the base of your vehicle
  • The Multibond Car Cover comes equipped with an antenna grommet and grommets for a locking cable
  • This car cover is available in grey
  • Your Covercraft Multibond Car Cover carries a 2-year warranty
  • To compare the strengths of each Covercraft fabric, view the Fabric Guide (Adobe Acrobat Required)


The Covercraft Multibond Car Cover is designed for indoor or light outdoor use. The 3-layer polypropylene material protects from moisture and dust, and the fibers are treated for extra UV resistance. The light-weight material is easy to put on or take off your vehicle and storage is a cinch.

The Multibond Car Cover comes in a grey color which is best for reducing surface heat. The custom-tailored shape of the Multibond ensures an exact fit for your vehicle. Plus, Covercraft backs your Multibond Car Cover with a 2-year warranty.


  • Multibond Car Covers are special order covers & cannot be returned

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