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Undercover Swing Case Portable Tool Box
Undercover Swing Case Portable Tool Box



If you are looking for a storage solution to stow your tools and gear, browse our selection of truck tool boxes. A truck tool box adds a secure place to your truck bed where you can stow tools, equipment and other cargo.

A truck tool box is not a luxury it is a necessity and at Car Truck Accessories we have a large selection of truck tool boxes to choose from. Why have all your stuff shifting around in the bed of your truck when you can secure it all in a convenient location. Our selection of Pickup tool boxes includes large and small sizes, high profile and low profile truck tool boxes.

If you do not have the need for a large truck tool box, check out the Undercover Swing Case. This revolutionary truck tool box is designed to fit in the truck bed between the wheel wells and the tailgate. This unique arrangement allows you to not only have two pickup truck tool boxes (one on each side of the bed) but you still have total use of your beds storage capacity.

The Swing Case is easy to install, lockable, stores up to 50 pounds of tools/gear and can be easily removed if necessary. This unique storage device is ideal for the person that does not require a large side-to-side bed storage box or can be a nice addition when the large box has run out of storage room.

Once your choice is made, take advantage of our FREE shipping to have your truck tool box delivered right to your front door.

If for any reason our selection of truck tool boxes does not include the specific ones you are looking for, please let us know or visit our site again soon. We are consistently adding quality new products to our already impressive collection of tool boxes for trucks.

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