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Seat Armour Towel Seat Protector



Everyone loves to go to the beach, and for those of you who live near the ocean, you know firsthand what a mess your vehicle can be after a day of fun in the sun. How many times have you struggled with a towel or two draped over the back of your seat on the way home from the beach? Or how about after a few hours at the gym when you’re running late and would rather shower at home - what do you do before sitting on your seats? These are times when a towel seat cover comes in handy. Elasticized for easy removal, machine washable and super convenient, Towel Seat Covers are a practical way to absorb perspiration and odor and protect your upholstery from all kinds of damaging elements.

Super Convenient

It just doesn’t get any easier than Car Seat Towels. They are super simple to slip on and off at exactly the moment you need them. After you get home, simply slip Car Seat Towel off, wash and store in your trunk. Protect your upholstery in a matter of minutes. Now you can go swimming at the beach and not have to worry about the sand and the ocean water staining your seat covers. Sure, you can try to drape a towel over the back of your seat, but let’s be serious - how far can you get before the regular towel slips and you’re reaching behind you with one hand trying to find it as it creeps down the seat? That’s not very smart and dangerous too.

Seat Towels Are Practical

Some things in life just make sense. Towel Car Seat Covers are easily one of those things. Most people don’t have the luxury of having two vehicles - one for special occasions and one for everyday life. If it were that easy, seat covers wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately, most people today have one car that’s used pretty much for everything. That means picking up the boys after little league practice with muddy uniforms and going out for a night on the town. It just makes good sense to keep a pair of Towel Seat Covers on standby in the trunk. You never know when you want to take something along that might damage your upholstery.

Car Seat Towels are made from soft 100% cotton/terry. They are specifically designed to easily slip on and off in seconds for ultimate protection when you need it fast. A stylish way to prevent damaging elements like sun, moisture and dirt from ruining your upholstery, Towel Seat Covers have an elastic opening that slips right over the headrest and drapes over the contours of your seat. Protect your seat covers, but without the high cost of custom seat covers, try a Towel Seat Cover.

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