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Kennel Covers

Classic Accessories Kennel Jacket
Classic Accessories Kennel Jacket
$96.95 - $110.95


Heritage Retriever Blind
Heritage Retriever Blind


DogAbout Crate Cover
DogAbout Crate Cover
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Your Dog Deserves to Stay Warm with Dog Kennel Covers

The cold winter months can be hard for all members of your family including your dog. Though he may have his own furry coat, most breeds need more than what mother nature gave them if they’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors in the winter. While a standard dog kennel may be fine for transporting your pup during summer camping trips, he needs more support and protection in the cold season.

Quality Kennel Covers Offer Warmth and Proper Ventilation

That’s why a dog kennel cover or kennel jacket is a great accessory for your winter-loving four-legged friend. With several different models to choose from, quality dog kennel covers provide lasting, weather-resistant insulation to protect your pet from the chill of ice and snow.

A dry dog is a content dog; as dog owners know, dogs are intolerable of being wet for long periods of time. A dog kennel cover keeps your pet dry so it can rest and relax instead of roll around constantly trying to get dry. These durable, high-grade kennel covers also offer proper ventilation for your pups so they aren’t stifling sitting in a kennel.

What’s more, most versions offer mesh ventilation flaps perfect for year-round portable kenneling. Though dog kennel covers offer a lot of support with durable fabrics on all sides, they are easier to install than you might think with fits-just-right zippers, velcros and snap-on elastic hems.

Find a Portable Cozy Spot for Your Pet with Dog Kennel Covers

Kennel Covers come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, including deluxe versions with built-in, self-regulating feeding / water bags and storage compartments. Your dog may come to love his new spot with the insulated kennel cover so much he may never want to leave. So take care of your pet like you take care of the rest of your family with a kennel cover for safe, comfortable traveling.

Keep Man’s Best Friend Secure on the Road with Dog Kennel Cover

Once your choice is made, take advantage of our FREE shipping to have your dog kennel covers delivered right to your front door. If for any reason our selection of kennel jacket does not include the specific cover you are looking for, please let us know or visit our website again in the near future. We are consistently adding quality insulated kennel covers to our already impressive collection.

Thank you for shopping for your dog kennel cover needs.

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