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    Classic Accessories Personal Watercraft Cover
    Classic Accessories Personal Watercraft Cover
    $49.95 - $80.95



    Get a Jet Ski Cover and Make Your Personal Watercraft’s Polished Finish Last

    Riding your jet ski out on the lake during those warm summer months is a blast. Small but sprightly, a jet ski is fast and fun on the water at a fraction of the price of a boat. Jet skis are the motorcycles of the sea, letting you quickly move in between narrow spaces while using minimal fuel.

    But during the remainder of the year when it is too cold to be out in the water, you need to invest in a durable Jet Ski cover to keep your ride in top shape. Inexpensive but effective, Kawasaki Jet Ski covers keep your ride dry and free from moisture so there’s minimal damage from the elements. Durable and long lasting, Yamaha Jet Ski covers are comprised of technologically-advanced ProtekX Plus fabric that protects your watercraft’s exterior from cracking and fading due to UV rays and hot summer sun.

    Other Key Protections Offered by Jet Ski Covers Include:

    • A unified trailering system with formfitting yet flexible straps to fit jet skis of a variety of brands and sizes
    • Rear-air vents that help prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface and wind lofting
    • Secure tie-downs and elastic hem linings for a tight fit when transporting or towing jet skis from one destination to the next
    • Specialized pockets and zippers protecting fuel tank compartment to prevent or minimize spillage

    And while a jet skill may be less of an investment than a boat or other more expensive watercraft, it is nonetheless an investment that deserves the care and protection a Kawasaki or Yamaha Jet Ski cover can provide.

    Keep Your Watercraft Looking Shiny and New with a Jet Ski Cover

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